How We Help

Stars Helping Heroes provides heroes with a turnkey system that provides access to income, professional development, network resources and more.

What We Provide

Wealth Building

A hero should never be hurting for money. Stars Helping Heroes will help you build reoccurring, generational wealth.

Personal Branding

We’ll connect you with our marketing team to streamline your social media presence, website and anything else you need to market yourself personally and professionally.

Network Access

Get access to a celebrity network that can provide you influence across social media.

World Class Coaching Mentoring

Stars Helping Heroes provides expert mentors, from former NFL coaches to professional business coaches.

Finance & Banking

When you’re on our team, you’ll be able to call on the best to help you achieve financial independence. This includes banking as well as tax experts to keep you on the right path.


Ultimately, the goal of Stars Helping Heroes is to provide you with unlimited tools to develop personally, professionally and spiritually.