Tim Brown

Man of God
Family Man
Community Leader
Notre Dame Graduate
NFL Hall of Famer
Heisman Trophy Winner

Why This is Important to Me

Pro athletes were always my heroes growing up.

And after 40 years in sports, they still are.

But today I have other heroes, too. Military families, educators, inventors and those entrepreneurs changing the world.

Those thought-leaders are the true all-stars, the true Hall of Famers.

My mission is to put superstar athletes and business professional on the same playing field. After all, they have more in common than you might think.

The words that come to mind are mental toughness, perseverance, teamwork, commitment, and all-round excellence. And that’s what heroes are made of.


Sports have been a significant part of my life for over 40 years. For the early part of my life, professional athletes were my heroes.

That story repeats itself with millions of people, young and old, worldwide. My heroes now are military families, educators, inventors, and the entrepreneurs that are changing the world with their unique gifts to humankind. These valuable thought leaders are the real all-stars, the actual Hall of Famers.

This thought process is accurate for most superstar athletes current and past. If you ask a superstar athlete who is the person they would most want to spend the day with, they will rarely say another athlete. It would
undoubtedly be one of the thought leaders that I mentioned above.

My mission is to put the superstar athletes and business professionals on the same playing field. When I think of these two elite demographics, words like mental toughness, perseverance, teamwork, commitment, and excellence come to mind.

Our goal is to link these successful attributes from these fantastic people to create faster outcomes for business opportunities that enrich people’s lives. Entrepreneurship is alive and bright. The ability to enhance small businesses and solo entrepreneurs will be a critical focal point for the world’s next hundred years of innovation and prosperity.

Imagine combining the world’s most outstanding thought leaders, inventors, and entrepreneurs of the moment with the most prominent athletes from the past and present. I can imagine it. And I invite you to visualize it as well. Imagine you work with us to build your dream life.

If this resonates with you, and you’re ready to explore how being part of our team can make a difference, let’s get started; let us know you want to win.